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Camp Food?

We usually like to eat at a restaurant for dinner when hunting.  It's convenient and easy especially after a long day in the field.  However, this year we will be hunting an area that is very isolated with no small towns or services within an hour or more drive, one-way.  We're going to have to cook meals for ourselves at the campsite...

What's your favorite easy dinner for camp cooking?  In the past, we've taken pasta dishes where all that's needed is to heat up the sauce and boil some noodles.  Bags of prepared salad are OK too.  We've even used the freeze-dried meals (which are OK for a night or 2, but not for a week or so) and they're not too bad.  Easy prep and easy cleanup, that's what we're looking for.  Got anything to share with us?  What's your favorite?


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that's what we do

We assign a few meals to other members of the party, freeze the meal and put it in large ziploc bags, then heat it up and cook noodles.  Really easy, and much better than most alternatives.  Much faster than cooking in camp with sometimes limited gear.


And no way in the world would I consider a 2 to 4 hour roundtrip drive to town for a meal.

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exbiologist wrote:


And no way in the world would I consider a 2 to 4 hour roundtrip drive to town for a meal.

Perhaps that 2 to 4 hour round trip drive is better than eating what they are capable of cooking.Whistling

I have a couple of friends that when I go hunting with them that the standing agreement is that I do the cooking and they get to clean up.  We have found that it works a lot better that way for all of us. 

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exbiologist wrote:

...freeze the meal and put it in large ziploc bags, then heat it up and cook noodles.

^^This is solid advice. For most summer/fall camping trips, we'll take this approach. Lots of things fit the bill. Chili, Pasta Sauce, Stroganoff, Stew. Bonus is you have edible 'ice blocks' for the cooler. Noodles go with everything and provide good carbs for the exercise. 

Assuming you'll have coolers and ice, you can even get away with marinated, grilled and non-frozen meats that just need to be heated up and then can be used in pitas, tortillas, etc. Marinated flank steak, marinated and sliced pork tenderloin for gyros, various and sundry taco meats. 

It's easy (and fun) to make this stuff in camp, of course, but it's easier in a full kitchen @ home and cuts down on prep/cleaning time in camp (also avoids a lot of mess if you're in bear country). Leaves more time for hunting/fire-poking!

exbiologist wrote:

And no way in the world would I consider a 2 to 4 hour roundtrip drive to town for a meal.

Totally agree. Out of the question, particularly in the dark/when tired out. 

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Camp Dinners

Like the other folks for dinners we like to pre-cook several meals and just warm up in camp. Nothing fancy for us, just an easy to prepare  good hot hearty meal after a day of hunting with little to no mess sure helps. We also like to take cans of chunky soup, stew or raviolis with us, again it is fast and it is easy. For some, weight might be an issue so that is something to consider however, for us weight is not a problem so we take several cans of each. Once empty the cans crush down easy to save on the bulk of trash to be taken out.  One of our favorites meals is to make up a pile of breakfast burritos. We have found out the hard it is best to cook all the stuff and bag it separately until ready for chow. If separate the tortillas don’t get soggy and you can make them to order rather than the one size fits all idea.  Warming them up on a stove is fast and easy and they sure hit the spot after a long day of hunting or as breakfast to fuel you up for the day. Of course what you put into them is up to you and your hunting group as no two tastes are the same. We like it simple with potatoes, bacon, sausage, cheese, salsa and eggs.  Our camp is about an hour and a half from the closest town and the last thing I want to do is make that drive into town one way to eat then that even longer drive back to camp.   

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for the comments.  I'm liking the burrito idea.  We can easily cook up stuff to put in burritos that would be easy to re-heat and won't make a mess.  Tortillas are pretty hard to smash and ruin too (which is why I like bagels over bread too) making a good fit for our hunting camp.  We will have a pretty small hunting party, so it's likely we won't so much have an opportunity to share the cooking duties much.  No worries though, we're going to have a great time.


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The best meal I ever had

The best meal I ever had while in camp was chicken and dumplings, made in a dutch oven.

It was my first experience with a dutch over, and man, that stuff came out perfect.  Perfectly cooked, and didn't last too long with 5 guys in camp.  To this day, I have wanted to buy a dutch oven just to try that recipe.

On my oven though, I simply like most types of meats grilled over the open flame, with some sort of warm side dish, like baked beans or something else.

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My fav camp meal is pork loin

My fav camp meal is pork loin cooked in a dutch oven.  Ingredients are 1 stick of butter, 1 onion sliced, 1# baby carrots, however many red potatoes will fit in the oven, and brined 1 pork loin (most smaller loins are salted when you buy them), pepper, flour. At home: Flour loin and sprinkle with pepper.  Chop the potatoes and onions, place butter and onions in one zip lock, potatoes carrots and loin in another. 

You'll bake it at 350 (number of briquettes required will vary depending on size of oven).  Get your briqs ready and place oven over them, put onion and butter in pot and fry until onions are clear with some browned.  Add in loin, browning on both sides.  Add potatoes and carrots.  Place appropriate number of briqs on top of oven (this will vary depending on size of oven).  Now you can just ignore it for 2 hours.  You can bring some extra flour if you want to make gravy out of the juices.  This recipe has never failed!

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Pre-cooked meals is a good

Pre-cooked meals is a good idea, save so much time, and really conveinent after a long day! A hearty stew is always on the menu, quick and easy to heat up, especially with a Jetboil. Breakfast burritos are the way to go for morning fuel! I won't eat freeze dried meals, I just can't get more than a few bites down the hatch!

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My favorites

My favorites -

Day 1 breakfast - pancakes and bacon - cook the whole pound - you will eat it and don't worry about spoilage of the raw meat for the rest of the trip.  Don't forget coffee and tea if you normally drink it.  Don't try to do without it.  Don't forget creamer of some kind if you normally take it.  even powdered creamer is better than none at all if you are not used to black coffee for drinking first thing in teh morning.  It isn't as good as brewed or perked, but instant coffee is a whole lot easier to make in camp.  While you have milk - instant oatmeal is also an easy option.

For breakfast after day 1 - bagels split buttered and fried butter side down on a frying pan.  You will be hooked for life.  Bring more than 6 bagels and more than 1 stick of butter.In love

For lunches canned soup can be opened and heated very easily with any heat source including setting a sauce pan on a hot engine after it is turned off.

Nothing is better in the world when you are chilled and wet than the instantly edible cup of noodle soup when you make it back to camp.  Again - bring plenty.  Ramen noodles will do in a pinch but 'cup-o-noodles' is much better.

Evening meals must have meat for me to enjoy them.  Grilled steak and potatoes aluminum foil wrapped and baked in the coals of a campire or woodstove serve admirably together.  After teh first few days you should (right?) be able to supplement evening meals with fresh caught fish, partridge, pheasant, turkey, rabbit, or the backstrap of white tail or mule deer etcetera if any of teh forementioned are in season and legal to take in your area.

But pack the pasta, a jar of sauce, a can of green beans, and a loaf of bread as a fall back - the game is not always cooperative.  ;)

If you can sleep dry and eat well - then the only thing better is filling tags and sharing it with someone who you like to be with


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This is my Menu for Elk camp this year.






1T                      Chili and corn bread

1W                    Rib eye Steaks and baked potatoes

1TH                  Beef and noodles mashed potatoes and Rolls

1F                      BQ Ribs with baked potatoes and corn

1S                      Tacos

1Sun                  Roast Beef with mashed potatoes gravy    

  and corn                                   

1M                    Ham with potatoes

1T                     Spaghetti and garlic bread

2W                    Beef stew and Rolls

2TH                  Swiss steak with mashed potatoes gravy

                          And corn                                            

2F                     Pork Chops and Sweet Potatoes

2S                     Sloppy Joes and Chips







                                         Eggs, Bacon and hash browns

                           Biscuits and gravy and Hash Browns

                           Scrambled eggs with ham and potatoes

                           Pancakes and sausage

                           French toast and sausage





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