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camouflage clothing

Hi all,

I want to get a full set of camo clothing that will be good for hunting deer and have been checking out the stuff on this website… http://www.camp-hunt-shoot.com

Can anyone suggest which clothing might be the best to get, including the best camo pattern for hunting deer? 

Does what you're hunting even matter when picking camo stuff, or is it all about the environment you're in?

Thanks for the assist.


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Welcome to the forum, from

Welcome to the forum, from the web site I take it that you are from Australia or are you here in the States? 

Camo is in my opinion way over rated for hunting.  Mostly what  you want is something that isn't a solid bright color.  I have bow hunted in a plaid shirt and Levi's quite often and have been successful while wearing that.  Now however I do have a set of RealTree Outdoors camo that I use but a lot of times all I'll do is just throw on the shirt and not worry about the pants.  Even when I hunt in Arizona for a javelina I usually just wear a pair woodland camo pants and shirt just because they are made out of a rip stop type of material and the cactus don't prick the threads out of them.  I know that there is a lot of arguments out there about just what a deer can see but I have been within 5' of deer while I have been wearing a fluorescent orange vest and hat and sitting on a stump and they had no idea that I was there until I moved.

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I agree with Critter - camo is WAY overrated; sitting STILL and minding the wind are FAR more important. As long as you don't wear clothing that doesn't sharply contrast with the background you'll be fine for most hunting situations. In my experience deer are excellent at spotting movement but will almost step on you (regardless of what you're wearing) as long as you're sitting stone-still with the wind in your face. Even when they sense/see something about you isn't quite right they'll snort, stamp their feet, pretend to ignore you and then jerk their head trying to get you to flinch. If you sit still, they'll stay...but do anything more than bink and they're gone.

SO if the clothing you like is quiet and comfortable, and you like it...buy it.

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+2 on over rated. Soft

+2 on over rated. Soft colored shirt's and faded jeans have always worked for me. Bright shirts and new jeans don't blend in with nature to well.

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Ya, I'd say camo is over

Ya, I'd say camo is over thought a lot of the time as well.  Biggest thing camo does in deer hunting is give your shape a break up.  Think about it, how are gun hunters so successfull in blaze orange??  Because a deer's eyesight is not that great.  I have personally sat totally motionless in no camo at all, solid blaze orange while gun hunting and had deer unalert within 5 yards...untill I moved a little.

That said, I still like camo for bowhunting, more for the breakup.  I just try and find something that has roughly the same shade to it as where I am hunting, think of the colors in terms of brightness, and think of the pattern as a whole.  Of course you will have contrasting bright and dark colors, that is what makes camo effective, but you wouldn't want an OD based pattern if you were hunting in dead grass or cattails for instance.

Bigger thing yet, to me, would be the warmth of the clothes, the material (weatherproof, breathable, dries easily, does not soak up water...depending on the type of hunting it is used for)  and price usually plays a role.  For around home on a morning or evening hunt in early season, I am just fine in simple camo jeans....on a longer hunt where getting to a vehicle is harder...probably would want to go with a better drying material.

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I agree, but...

camo is not necessary for a successful hunt, but I have better luck in camo clothes then without them.

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dado   your camo should match



your camo should match the environment.  Ie wearing dark green camo when everything is brown.  Like in a desert.



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First off, deer have very

First off, deer have very limited color vision, seeing most everything as black, white & varying shades of grey. They have some limited vision in the blue spectrum as well. Camo is not necessary for hunting, but I nearly always wear camo when hunting, the only exceptions being some solid green items and some solid grey items I also mix in. Now, one could likely get away with wearing typical dark or light colored pants (depending on surroundings) and muted plaid shirt (to break up your silhouette, somewhat).

One of the reasons I way prefer camo clothing is that I do not normally wear camo clothing when I am out & about (not since retiring from the military, anyway). This means that most all my hunting clothes are just that; hunting clothes! This means that I'm not wearing clothing which might have picked up any number of foriegn odors, making me easier for deer to sense in the woods. I always keep my hunting clothing separate and as odor-free as I possibly can. In the environment I hunt in, this is very important, more so than any camo vs solid colors in chosen clothing.

Some hunt in areas where being as scent-free as possible is not so important, where it's more open and game can be spotted a long ways away. Where I hunt, spotting game at 100 yards distant is a long ways. I'd recommend buying decent hunting clothes in a typical camo pattern and then using them only to hunt in. The camo feature may just keep you from wearing them for other "stuff" and allow you to keep these clothes separate from your typical daily activities which will allow odors to accumulate on them, prior to hunting in them. This will help you in your hunting endeavors, I can promise you that.



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