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A Camouflage and Concealment Guide (featured article)

July 2006 Feature Article:

Gettin' Hidden: A Camouflage and Concealment Guide

Big game hunting and camouflage go hand in hand. However, there seems to be a myth in many a hunting camp that by pulling on a pair of camouflage pants and jacket you instantly become invisible. Unfortunately, such is not the case. There's actually more to becoming totally concealed than simply wearing camouflage.

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A Camouflage and Concealment Guide (featured article)

For big game hunting and waterfowl hunting concealment has a lot to do with how still you keep yourself. I've seen hunters with some ideal camo for the terrain they are in, but that camo didn't do them any good because they made way too many pronounced movements while trying to stalk big game.

Same with waterfowl hunting. You'll scare away many ducks if you move around too much in the marsh, or cattails.

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A Camouflage and Concealment Guide (featured article)

this is something i have always wondered about. when you see the picture of the hunter and the guide. 90% of the time the guide doesn't have camo on. does that mean camo is not really needed?

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Purpose of Camouflage.

Camouflage are those measures taken by hunters to conceal his equiptment and movements from being detected by animals. Concealment : is a natural or artifical material used to help an individaul from being detected IE: Limited movement and avoiding open spaces. I my self mix the type of Camoflage I use bye useing two types of Camo, the bottoms being different then the top and it works for me.

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