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Camo for N. Central Wyoming

I will be hunting mule deer in October in the N. Central part of Wyoming. Does anyone have a recommendation for a particular brand or especially pattern of camo that would work well in that area?

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I really don't worry much

I really don't worry much about a camo pattern in rifle season anymore due to the blaze orange you will be wearing anyway. Speaking of which you only need to wear a hat OR a vest there, both are not neccessary and unlike Colorado you are allowed to wear camo blaze orange as opposed to solid.

I pretty much buy whatever camo I can get on sale. The sale stuff I have gotten though was a bunch of Mossy Oak brush pattern. It's light shades af tan and grassy look seems to blend really well in the dry areas. Of course all my hunting up there has been for antelope and the terrain is slightly different but I think it would still work well.

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I agree, for rifle season or any time you are required ot wear blaze orange, camo is useless.  I wear very little camo when rifle hunting biggame.

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N central WY camo

i've hunted region m, before on the general license and limited quota tags.

since all you are required to wear for orange in wyoming, is a ball cap... and it can be camo-orange, i wear the cabelas wootimate pullover in outfitter high plains camo... and at a few hundred yards, the texture of the wool, and the tones of the camo really make you difficult to pick out even to the naked human eye. and the goats and deer just don't see like we do.

i hunted unit 36 on a general license last year. i saw 15 deer. one small 4x4, some spikes and does. 3 wolves and 3 elk. i also found a whitetail shed in the scrub.

since the wolves moved into the birdseye pass area, i would stay away from that like the plague. you can go further east in those mountains, and i greatly reccomend it.i wish we'd gone about 15 miles further east than we hunted, but it's super hard to walk that far, and the roads that run through there are not traversable so much.

good luck!

all the outfitter camo is good stuff for wyoming and the high plains region.