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Who out there has done their own camo jobs on their rifle's/shotguns. I'm debating doing one on my shotgun or finding someone who can air brush a pattern on. I would rather not use tape. Anyway Just wanted to see some pictures of the DIYers camo jobs. Thanks

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I have done camo jobs on a couple of firearms with not bad results. I would have liked to get a professional job done on them but nobody around here does that. I wouldn't do it to a one of a kind firearm but the ones I did it to were workhorses and the camo works well in their situations. I'll get some pics up if I think about it. Confused

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I've not done one myself; however I've seen guns done by both DIY's and professionals using Duracoat:


For examples of what Lauer (the professionals) can do with Duracoat, go to:


Then click on the "Duracoat Camo Finish", lots of high detail pictures from this link.

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