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Calling Lions

One thing most people dont realize is , just becuase you cant see a cat doesnt mean there isnt one there or that he/she doesnt know your there. I have tracked some for hunters that were shocked one was in the area, one cat was actually following another set of hunters and was several places he put a stalk on them could be seen in the snow, often while a Lion is in a stalk mode or i should say a ambush mode they will "belly" down and there tail will twitch in the snow when they belly down deciding supper. Obviously hooking up with a houndsman is going to give the best success but like i say i have called several quite by accident with cow distress call.

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Calling Lions

Thanks for the info. Which cow distress call are you imitating? I've spent quite a bit of time in the field and have heard fawns but never cows. Is it similar to a cow chrip? Thanks!

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Calling Lions

Can you get me a link to the other site you were talking about to AustinCo?
It's that time of year again and any info I can get would be great.

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Calling Lions

PM sent.

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Calling Lions

you be suprised of how many come into the call but never reveal themselves
always a god idea to have your back against something

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