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Calling Bear

Hello, I was looking for some tips on how to call bear.  I am from Eastern Kentucky and bear season is only open for 2 days on Dec 14th and 15th and baiting in not allowed and I was wanting some tips on what calls would work best around that time.

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First of all, welcome to the

First of all, welcome to the site.  There is lots of good information on here, so look around, see what you can find.  Don't b afraid to ask questions, and maybe throw up some photos and stories of your past hunts.

As for bear calling, that's a tough one.  Bears are usually found by baiting, dogs, or spot and stalk techniques.  Other than that, they seem to be encountered as sort of incidental game, like deer hunters who stumble on them when they also have a bear tag.  Yes, if you know a travel route of some kind, like hunting near an orchard or something, you may be able to peg them, but it's tough.

The only thing I have heard that worked for calling bears, and not very often, is some sort of squealing rabbit, or fawn in distress call.  Even that is more of an out west thing, where you can see them coming from a long way away.  Don't know how they would react back east to that.  Also, you would more likely call in a coyote with that anyway.

Maybe someone from your neck of the woods will chime in with some advice.  Good luck, and have a fun, albeit short, hunt!!!

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What Sean said....

I have exactly the same thoughts as CAVermonster.  Welcome to the site Nubb16!

  Most bear aren't found by calling but i have seen a video of a guy calling in a big kodiak brown bear (I mean REALLY BIG!) with a squealing rabbit ditress mouth call that was made for calling in predators like coyotes.  That big bear just RAN to the sound and they dumped him with a big double rifle at spitting distance.  Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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Calling Bear

Welcome to the site. There is some great info on here.

Yes calling bear can be very affective. A couple of things to remeber when calling bear. 1st you want to find bear sign. The reason is bear will not travel that far to calling like a coyote. 2nd you want to set up in an area that has some openings for some shooting lanes. Bear will not come all the way in to calling like a coyote. If you have a box calling device set it up to your side and a little behind you. Because like i said before bear will not come all the way in to the calling. Once you start to call continue to call for at least 15 to 30 mintues. Once the calling stops the bear will stop coming in. Don't know why I just know they stop. As always when hunting try to be as scent free as possible. The calls that will work the best are going to be your typical dying rabbit mouth calls or squealling fawn call. As far as a time goes, the morning and evening will work but don't be afraid to try some calling during the day.

Not sure what kind of terrain you will be hunting in or the area. But if you can spot a bear from aways away and just can't make that stalk don't be afraid to try some calling. That way you can see the bears reaction with the call and decide weather or not to continue to call or to call harder.

Hope this helps some. Good luck with your hunt and let us kow how you do.

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Good information here that

Good information here that hopefully I can use as well. I should be abvle to draw a decent tag here at home in Colorado next year. Spot and stalk will be my primary method of hunting if I do but I would like to have other options available or maybe a way to bring them out of the brush if a clear shot is not offered..

By the way welcome to the forum and let is know how it turns out for you, thats a very short season but it should be a good one.

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Home Page

There is a member around "Billythekidrock" that has a real good artical on calling bears.  He must never have posted it on the home page though, at least I cannot find it?

Still ther are a bunch of good bear hunting articals at the bottom of the Big Game Hunt .Net home page.  You should check them out.

Luck to you, have never had luck calling myself

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