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Call for every hunter!

My Dear Hunter mates! I wish ask something from you! Is a little help for a good friend of mine who ask me on the Facebook to help send his message to every one I knows! This initiation is a noble case what is about not just an e-newslatter but the respect of persons who they looking for. God Bless the veteran soldiers! We never can enough grateful for their sacrifice. I waiting for your help. Thank you for read this message, and one more thank If you share this with your friends too! I hope America will to know the persons who they looking for across this way! God Bless America!

The original message from my friend Bev Sunshine Gibson:

My good friend Sgt Davis who lost his son in iraq and he got hurt real bad in Iraq himself. Sgt Davis and myself are starting a wildlife management newsletter called Management Done Practical. We are both wildlife biologist. Now getting to my point. In every e-newsletter we want to spotlight a person who has went above and beyond doing a kid hunt wounded warrior hunt or disability hunt. Something 

of that nature. We want someone who did it because it was the right thing to do. They did not do it for notoriety. Do you know of anyone like that? We hope our first e-newsletter comes out in October. Got to get a few technical things to get worked out. The e-newsletter coming out in October. Please send email to if you know someone worthy of this.

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