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California hunter redistribution due to lead ban

It's been suggested that the 2008 ban on lead ammunition in the condor range will discourage hunters from hunting at all, rather than move to a new unit or comply with the regulations. So I looked at the total number of general deer tags sold to see if they would drop more than average in 2008:
2008: 166,658
2007: 168,942
2006: 168,047
2005: 166,895
2004: 169,505
2003: 172,403
2002: 180,214
2001: 181,362
2000: 177,533
1999: 180,348
Over the last ten years, there was an average decline of 1,521 general tags sold per year, a 0.8% yearly decline. It seems 2008's decline is not significantly different than the expected decline.
But what about those hunting in the condor range?
Looking at just the number of tags sold in the lead ban area, units A, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, D13.
So it seems that approximately 2,000 hunters either chose not to hunt at all, or moved out of the condor range.
Next I looked at the neighboring units that were not affected by the lead ban: B, D3-D6,D12,D14-17,D19:
Despite 2008's decline of 2,000 hunters, 3,000 additional hunters hunted in units that border the condor zone, while 2,400 fewer hunters hunted within the condor zone.
Now to look at the units that are losing pressure and those that are receiving increased hunter pressure:
The enormous A zone lost most of the hunters, going from 33,160 in 2007 to 31,405 in 2008.
D11 and D13 also lost a few hundred hunters.
It seems the majority of the pressure has shifted to units D3-5 which gained 1,000 hunters. D14 and D16 also showed small increases.

Just FYI for you guys.

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California hunter redistribution due to lead ban

Good stuff.

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