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california with hog hunting exp

i'm pretty new to hunting but I know of an area where wild hogs tear up this golf course. I was wondering if anyone could help me better understand the law and risks i'd take in going out there at night and having a little backyard bbq.

also, where in southern cali can i legitimately go hunting? I'd like the real experience...not this hide and bait kinda deal. where do i get started?

i've been shooting arrows for a long time but have never avidly hunted before.

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Re: california with hog hunting exp

You can not night hunt hogs in california with out a depersation permit and it must have your name on it.The permits are issued only to the land owner and he would have to add your name to the permit.

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Re: california with hog hunting exp

Well, you can let me know where they are, and I'm sure I could arrange something with the landowner to go out there with a bow, and safely hunt without shooting a golfer.... lol

I'll await your PM...... Yes

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