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California hog guide recommendations

Dear hog hunters,

I have only ever hunted birds, and I am interested in trying my hand at big game. I am planning on taking a job in Julian, CA for the summer (2010). After reading about the various hunting opportunities California has to offer, I have decided that hogs would be a good place to start due to the relatively high success rate of hunters and the fact that they can be hunted any time of the year. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a guide service that a.) is within 4-5 hours of San Diego, b.) is reasonably priced, and c.) caters to inexperienced hunters such as myself. I hope to hear from someone soon so I can make a reservation, and I would like to thank them in advance for the advice.


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Re: California hog guide recommendations

Well, truthfully, the Hogs are practically running through Julian now. There are already guys shooting them within 10-15 miles of there. I actually went on a little hunt a couple of weeks ago to look for them. All I ended up seeing was 125 turkeys and 25 deer, but no pigs.

I live in Escondido, to the west of Julian. Where I hunt is about 5 miles from downtown Julian, so feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions you have.

If you want to actually have a good chance at a hog right now, you could look into the Tejon Ranch. They have lots of good hunts, only about a 3 hour drive, and are not too expensive. I think it's about $1000 for the hunt including room, meals, and care for the pig. They have group events and deals occasionally where it's unguided management hunts. I don't know if it includes room and meals, but it's only $450. That's a darn good deal. I know some guys that do it a couple times a year.

Here's the link,..... http://www.hunttejon.com/

Welcome to the site. Enjoy.


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Camp 5 outfitters and also

Camp 5 outfitters and also Boaring experiances also an FYI Montery county can be very succesful with do it yourself hunts. Good luck

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