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California DFG Offers Wilderness Navigation Course

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California DFG Offers Wilderness Navigation Course

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Re: California DFG Offers Wilderness Navigation Course

I want to go to this but I have a class I need to take for grad school. Too bad I was looking forward to doing this in 2010. If anyone goes I would like to know how it went.

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Re: California DFG Offers Wilderness Navigation Course

This is an AWESOME class!

I have military experience and have tried to teach my kids land navigation. Learning from some other VERY experienced ex-military/outdoorsmen, gave my kids fresh insight that "dad" doesn't offer (Why is it that your kids always listen better to others?).

This is a great 2 day course.
Day 1 covers basic map reading, land navigation and field work with a compass. "Compass?" you say? What will you do when your GPS batteries die?? It is actually a great lead-in & introduction to understanding maps & terrain features. Be sure that you have a GOOD military grade Lensatic Compass for this day (it's worth the $80 investment anyway - buy a tritium lit one so you can read it in the dark/low light).

Day 2 is an introduction into GPS and how it functions. They then turn you loose in a remote Tejon Valley to do some geo-cashe chasing. The kids loved this. It also gets you thinking... a straight line isn't always the easiest path (across a lake, over a steep hill, or down a treacherous ravine).

If you spend ANY time in the outdoors, this course is a MUST DO! I even found it to be a great refresher!

Plus, you get a glimpse into the "mysterious world" of Tejon Ranch - one of the most picturesque ranches in California. BRING A CAMERA - it's the only way you'll be shooting this weekend (we saw trophy deer, pigs, elk, and a bobcat).

I cannot say enough about this great course! For what little money the State of California and DF&G spends on this course, I'm sure that it has saved the hundreds of thousands of dollars on a few Search & Rescue missions (and buy yourself a SPOT GPS rescue locator for those serious "crash & burns").

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Does anyone know of onliine

Does anyone know of onliine navigation courses?

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We offer something similar

We offer something similar for my line of work.  They are great classes......