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California Deer Zone D12

I was just looking at some different areas that I would like to hunt eventually for deer. This year I am staying local with D7 because of the fact that a group of friends are taking a trip in the fall to hunt geese in Canada. And as many of you are probably the same as me I like to be as prepared as possible when hunting new areas. I will most likely take a trip or two sometime early next year but was wondering if anyone has experience with this area and possibly had some tips or info about Zone D12. Thanks in Advance!!

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Well, I know the Chocolate

Well, I know the Chocolate mountains over along the Colorado River hold some nice deer.  Real tough country though, with some active bombing ranges mixed in there.... Wink

Not sure about the western section, over by Big Bear.  I imagine there's some good hunting there, but wouldn't even know where to begin.

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Thank you Vermonster. At least it is a start. I was looking at google maps yesterday and the zone is a large area and didn't see very many water areas which I know will be critcal for the deer. But I also know depending on when the map photo was taken you might not see some watering holes that might be there during the season. So I was mostly trying to check out some good drainage areas and try to come up with some ideas. I might even have to talk my friend into taken a flight over at sometime to check out some areas better.

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