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California deer hunting

We hunted D7 last weekend and managed to see 26 deer on saturday and 38 on sunday. Sunday we saw 2 spikes and one spike/fork. Havent seen a bear this year, last year we saw two bears one had two cubs and the other was maybe 100lbs. Plan heading to some higher elevations this weekend to give it another shot. We hunted D8 the first two weekends(around the park) and the amount of deer we saw was very minamal, however we did see lots of bear sign, and a couple of dead ones some guys got.


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Re: There are bucks
ekaj2 wrote:
This is the buck I got in D-7 last year. There are big bucks out there you just have to go get them. I have worked in the mountains all summer and have seen all kinds of deer its just a matter of finding where they hide. A good rule is go where others dont want to go.

Hi, my first post after lurking around for awhile, saw this picture and couldn't keep my mouth shut. Anyway, about 20 years ago my Dad, 2 brothers and I were hunting D8 close to Sherman Pass/ Bald Mountain Lookout area (my Dad worked Kennedy Meadows as a guide in his younger years, then as a logger in the off season so he knew the area really well as he cut alot of the roads in during logging). It was to be my second year hunting with a tag this time instead of just tagging along, first was unsuccesful.
We always hunted the same mountain in the same fashion. We would drive to the top and drop off a few "pushers" (dependant on how many in our party), the pushers would wait 1/2 hour before walking downslope ridges to let us in the truck get to the lower area. We would turn onto the access road and shut off the truck and just coast down the washboard road very slowly while a few of us would be in the bed searching & scanning.
This trip we had only 1 pusher, my other brother & I stayed in the truck while my Dad navigated. We get to the area where we know the pusher will be emerging and all of a sudden we here brush breaking like nothing before....coming right at us was a HUGE 5x4 as soon as he noticed us on the road he cut to his left, knowing that he would be running across the road we just came down ( there was a sharp bend in the road to our right as we came down) I picked up my rifle and started running for the bend (now a left bend for me), finally when I get there out of breath of course, I look up and there he is standing broadside at +/- 100yds. out IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! I put him in my scope and.........FROZE once I saw him in my crosshairs! I COULD NOT KILL HIM, not wanting to dissapoint my Dad/ brothers I squeezed off a round just above his shoulders into a tree. He promptly lowered his head and gently walked off the side off the road and down into a ravine like he knew I couldn't take him. My Dad and brothers show up and ask if I got him, I said no, that I was breathing too hard and couldn't steady my aim and missed. They were not dissapointed at all, in fact it made for a great trip that we still talk about to this day.
The next day on the same road, evening hunt is over and we are heading back to camp, I'm sitting against the cab in the back of the truck, look to my right and there's a forkie staring at me from behind a manzanita bush. I tap on the window and tell my Dad there's one on the hill, he could'nt see as he was sitting much lower, he asked me if he was legal so I put him in my crosshairs and verified he was. Dad said "take him", I said O.K. stepped out of the truck and took him out with 1 shot, no hesitation, no feeling what I had felt with that 5x4!
Now 20 years later my Dad retired and is living in Utah, we just returned from opening day deer hunt with my 14 y/o son and I'm hooked again and will be returning Dec. 6th for opening Elk season.
I don't regret not taking the 5x4, the amount of respect it gave me for everything in regard to hunting I will treasure forever. But, if I ever have a 5x4 in my crosshairs again it will surely be taken!
Sorry so long of a post. It's good to see there are still bucks in an area I haven't hunted for so long.

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