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Re: calibers
bassman58 wrote:
i'm going to namibia in july to hunt plains game i.e. kudu gemsbuk,wildebeast , hog etc. i want to bring my 270 cause i can shoot bottle caps at 200 yrds. consintintly. i'm also bringing my 30.06. what loads should i bring for then,.

lou horn

shooter_PT There isn't a spit of difference between the 270, and the 30-06 till you get to the heavy for caliber bullets in the 06! With an180 gr bullet in the 06 it has a great deal of advantage over the 270.

The 30-06 with a 180 gr Nosler Partition, 52.0 grs W760, for 2660 fps, fills the case to 96% capacity. This is a good load for the gemsbok, and wildebeast, Kudu, all of which are tough animals, and unless hit perfectly can traverl some distance, and the shots are longish in Namibia!

The 270, OTH, with only a 160 gr Nosler Partition, with 51.5 grs of RL 19 will only give you 2620 fps, with 81% case capacity.

My pick would be the 30-06 of the chamberings you list, so I could get all the weight I could, that would still shoot pritty falt, for those animals. I can assure you these animals will notice the extra 20 grs of bullet weight, and 40 fps difference in velocity! Thumbs up

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