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Calibers you've taken game with

Big Game:

Deer - .243 Win, 6mm Rem, .250 Savage, 270 Win, .30-06 Sprngfld.

Pronghorn - .6mm Rem, .270 Win

Elk - .270 Win, .30-06 Sprngfld, 300 Win Mag

Caliber used for most big game hunts is the .270 Win

Waterfowl: 12 gauge only, in 3 inch #2, BB, T (after 1991). Prior to 1991 used #6, #4, and #2 lead shot.

Upland: 12 gauge only, in 2 3/4 inch, anything from #7 1/2 to #4 lead

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Calibers you've taken game with

deer: 12 ga. slug, .410 slug, .303 brit, 6.5x55, 6mm rem, 308win, 30-06, 300 rum

bear: 12 ga. slug, 300 rum

moose: 308win, 30-06

waterfowl: 20 ga, 12 ga. (lead and now steel)

upland: 20 ga, 12 ga.

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Re: Calibers you've taken game with

Whitetail Deer; 12ga, .50cal ml, Bow, and .300WSM
Rabbit: 12ga
Squirrel:.22lr, 20ga, 16ga, 12ga
Fox:.300WSM Yes neener!

I just realized I've done most of my successful hunting with a shotgun... strange, as I've never liked the things. Got cabinets full of rifles, but we weren't allowed to use them till 2005, even so, seems my foul weather SS .300 does all of my game shooting.

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Re: Calibers you've taken game with

deer-.357magnum lever action rifle

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Re: Calibers you've taken game with

Elk 30-60 spr, 50 cal encore ml

Deer 6.5 carcano, 30-60, 30-30win

Coyote 30-60spr, 30-30win, 22lr

Turkey 12ga

Dove, Quail 410, 20ga, 16ga

Squirl 410, 20ga 22sh, 22lr

Rabbit 410, 16ga, 20ga, 22sh, 22lr, bb

Prairie dog 22lr, 30-06spr

Crow 22sh, 22lr, 20ga, 16ga, 410

Skunk 22sh, 22lr and shovel, DONT recomend that one.

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Re: Calibers you've taken game with

white tale-12ga,7.5 swiss,7.62X54R,450 marlin, 500 s&w. Prairie dog 22-250,220 swift,338 lapua and 50 BMG Big smile. Bear 500s&w,450 marlin,338 win,375 H&H. Coyote 223. turkey 12ga. squirrel .22 and 410ga. Pigs 475 turnbull and 44mag. Pheasant 12ga

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Re: Calibers you've taken game with

Add .300 Savage to my deer list.

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Re: Calibers you've taken game with

Deer 22-250, 25wssm, 25-06, 270, 270wsm, 30-30, 30-06, 308, 300saum, 300win mag, 300rum, 7stw, 7rem mag, 7rum, 44mag(pistol), 12gauge, 50caliber encore

Hogs 7rum, 300saum

Coyotes 22-250, 25wssm, 300saum, 7rum, 12gauge

Turkeys 12gauge

Rabbits 12gauge, 22mag, 16gauge, BB, 177pellet

Squirrels 12gauge, 16gauge, 22mag, BB, 177pellet

Ducks 12gauge

Quail 12gauge, 16gauge

Crows 12gauge, 22mag

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