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Best I can remember I've

Best I can remember I've killed deer with: .257 Roberts, .270 Win, 7mm08, 7X57, .280, .300 Sav, .308 Win, 30/06, .300 WSM, .300 SAUM, 8X57, .338 Fed, .356 Win, .358 Win, .35 Whelen, .350 Rem mag, .375 Win, .44 mag (rifle), .50cal M/L, 12ga slug, 12ga buckshot  

Somewhere north of 45 different rifles & several different shotguns.

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Can I just say all the

Can I just say all the firearms that I have in my gun safe except for the .22 rim fires? 

OK, I'll start it out with the rifles.  22-250, 257 Roberts, 257 Roberts Improved, 7mm Remington mag, 30-30, 300 Savage, 30-06, 340 Weatherby, and the good old 348 Whinchester.  

As for handguns:  7-30 Waters, 357 mag, 30 Herrett, 357 Herrett, 44 mag, and the 45 Long Colt.

I have also taken either a bull or cow elk with all of them except for the 22-250.      

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Sorry I got someone ticked

Sorry I got someone ticked with my rejoinder on the 22 rimfire and shotgun with 7 1/2 shot post!  I thought we were talking about hunting and not just killing a wounded deer like the gentleman did with the shotgun.  I have no problem at all with that and it would have been nice if that would have been explained in the initial post.  That is sort of a one in a trillion type experience that nobody would ever think of when asked this question.  Likewise with the 22 LR kill, which I still disagree with, because it's illegal in most areas and head shots are too risky IMHO.  Sorry, but that's just my opinion and I think we are allowed to do that on this site as long as things remain civil and I think it has.

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