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I would like to know which caliber would be best for hunting moose the 7 mm mag or the 300 mag

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I've never shot a moose but I doubt one would be any better than the other. The most important part is the bullet. That's a lot of animal but I understand easy to kill. In a 7mm mag I'd use at least a 160gr bullet better a 175 gr. In the 300 mag I've always felt the the best bullets were 200gr and up. I'm ssure there are people around shooting them with lighter bullets but I wouldn't care. Now if I did go moose hunting now, I'd take my 30-06 with 180gr bullets.

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It is six one and a half of dozen of the other. They are both good. If it was me & that was the only 2 choices I would take the .300 because I like the 30 cal and am not overly fond of the 7 Mag. It will do the job quite nicely but I never did develope a liking for it.

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