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Cali elk

  Heres a couple California Roosevelt Elk  i seen a couple weeks ago when i went fishing. Enjoy

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great pics

great pics phill, looks like you were pretty close to them.


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   Those Roosevelts were

   Those Roosevelts were along the northern Ca coast, we went steelhead fishing from a drift boat. 

  I seen some Tule elk last week but i didnt have my camera handy, we were catching stripers trolling along the shore line at San Luis Res.

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Very nice Hog!!!  Surprised

Very nice Hog!!!  Surprised they are still holding.

Planning my first trip up to Bishop, or further up to Mammothe this summer to go camping.  Always wanted to see some of the Tules up there, in those zones, so I'll hopefully get some good shots.  I put in for the Bishop or Independance zones each year to no avail.

You ever hunt the Rosevelts up that way? Too far for me to drive, gotta stick with the Tules in the Valley, or maybe FHL.

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