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Cactus Buck

Shot this guy about a month ago. Very interesting. Still in full velvet. Monster body. The funny thing was that he virtually had no testicles. Determined him to be a cactus buck from my reasearch. Evidently they do not breed, never lose their antlers or velvet and basically grow antler all year round. Any more information on this interesting mule deer would be appreciated.

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pretty cool buck! From what i

pretty cool buck! From what i know your statment is dead on about him being a stag..Congrats!!!

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Congrats on a great and unique buck ! That is a definitely a stag buck.

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Very nice! Congrats!

Very nice! Congrats!

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That is way cool! Congrats!

That is way cool! Congrats!

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That is a big, rare cactus

That is a big, rare cactus buck. I have a friend who sees them all of the time in southern Utah. I have only see one while hunting.

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That is an awesome buck, talk about character
Congrats to you

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That's awesome... his antlers

That's awesome... his antlers still have some semblance of formation. Many times cactus bucks just end up with a knotted mess. Congrats!

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