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Cabela's - Mule Deer - Question

Went to Cabela's (KCK) today to compare rifle scopes and while there viewed their mule deer collection. The had 30 some full body mounts with at least a dozen spectacular ones.

I noticed that many of the spectacular ones were from the 60's. So I have two questions - this is a new store so where did Cabela' s get the mounts from the 60's and I've heard that there are not as many big mulies today.

Do you think that is true and a possible reason for the mounts from the 60's?

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Cabela's - Mule Deer - Question

I was in that store not long after it opened. What a place!!! I heard that those mounts are all donated but don't know for sure. Could you imagine the cost for mounts if they bught all those in just that one store!

That is my favorite Cabels so far. Been in all of them in Neb and one in Mich

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Cabela's - Mule Deer - Question

The biggest reason you see so many mulies from the 60's is, because that is when mule deer numbers where at their highest. There were so many big mule deer bucks shot at that time, it's simply by sheer numbers that there are so many from that era. The 50's and 60's and a bit into the early 70's were the hayday of the the mule deer/big bucks. Not only are mule deer numbers down now, but hunters these days are a lot less apt to sell their trophy bucks.

Cabela's get all those deer from both donations and purchases.

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Cabela's - Mule Deer - Question

That is one of the reasons I like to stop at all the Cabelas that I can. I love those Mule Deer displays also. The one in Reno Nevada is real good also.

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Cabela's - Mule Deer - Question

Cabelas does buy alot of mounts and horns of 160 B&C score and up.

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I use to work at the store in Kansas City and found out that Cabelas is always looking to buy big deer to put in the stores. They do pay good money for them and will even make a replica for you to keep. One reason you see alot of older deer is because when hunters pass away there mounts are either given away or sold.


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Cabela's - Mule Deer - Question

If you look harder on their website, you'll find a section where they ask you to contact them if you have vintage outdoor gear or mounts you would care to sell. Sometimes they are just looking for certain items.

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