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Cabelas Alaskan Guide Rifle Scopes

I recently purchased a Remington .223 Light Varmit rifle and am searching for a scope to mount on it. I am comparing the Leupold VX-II 3-9x40 ($300) and the Cableas Alaskan Guide 3.5-10x44 ($260), or the 4.5-14x44 ($280). I have had good experience with Leupold in the past but I can get a bit more scope for less $$ with the Cabelas. I have always found Cabelas products to be of good quality, but have no experience with their optics. Does anybody have any insight or experience with these scopes?

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Cabelas Alaskan Guide Rifle Scopes

I don't have any experience with the Cabelas Alaskan Guide scopes but I do have a Leupold VX-III. One reason I went with Leupold was the lifetime guarantee. To me that's comfort knowing if something went wrong it will be taken care of. I'm a firm believer in getting the highest quality optic you can afford. I also think high quality optics are more important than the gun itself. Not sure if this will influence your decision or not but did you happen to see the weight difference between the two brands? Alaskan is 17.7 oz. compared to the Leupold 12.3 oz. Just some things to think about and good luck in your decision.

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Cabelas Alaskan Guide Rifle Scopes

Go with luppy and never look back. I own a bunch of them and they have never failed me. 2 of those are on police sniper rifles that have been abused in training and ops. They never fail me. It's really a ford or chevy thing tho. It's your money, do what you want.

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Cabelas Alaskan Guide Rifle Scopes

Any idea as to who makes the Alaskan Guide scopes for Cabelas?

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Cabelas Alaskan Guide Rifle Scopes

For the Canadian viewers info, last year Cebelas would not ship riflescopes to Canada......

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