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Ca Archery Hunt

I have just moved to CA. from Pa. the land of Whitetails... I am looking for information on a great area(zone) to tag either a Muley or a Blacktail, here in Ca. I live in the central Valley and travel is of no concern... looking to get into beutiful country, any info as how to set up bow keep shot shot pins or adjust for longer shot would also be appreciated Help!

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Re: Ca Archery Hunt

There's a lot of options in California. The B and C zones are good blacktail units, the X zones are hit and miss for mule deer and the some of the D zones are decent, especially for desert mulies. A good unit is too vague, what exactly would you like? Do you have any preference points yet? Are you willing to try to draw a tag or do you want OTC only?

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Re: Ca Archery Hunt

Welcome, how did you end up in tulare? The mountains to your east is unit D8 and just N.E. is unit D7 . To your west all along the coast is the unit A zone which is a earlyer season and the tags dont sale out over there, so you might want to get a 1st deer tag of a D7 or D8 tag then get a A zone tag for your 2nd deer tag. You can archery hunt the A zone in july and the D zones in august the rifle hunt if you dont fill your tags all the way thru october. You can scout the A zone any time because the deer dont migrate overthere, The D zone deer all migrate down to the foothills from november thru april then head back up to the national forest. You got alot of public land to hunt. If you head to the A zone now you can scout for turkeys, the season opens the last saturday of the march and there is alot of turkeys lingering around hwy 41 just east of the hyw 101 heading toward Moro bay at the coast there the deer in there also. As for the D zones they are all tuff hunting but there is alot of deer in the forest. The best units are the X zones with big mulies, but they require points to draw usually, Ca has a modified preferance point system, so what that means is 90% of the tags go to those with the most points and 10% goes to every bodyelse. The draw is comming up in June so you need to pick a X unit like X5B or X12 or X6A as you first choise then a D unit as you second choise like D7 or D8, then in july you can buy a A zone or D8 as your 2nd deer tag. As for the bow question im not sure what you asking.

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