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Buying gun

I understand that you dont need a FFL to buy a muzelloader if the desgn is of or before a certin year.Can anyone shed any light on this?Does that mean a minor can buy?

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I'm not sure about a minor

I'm not sure about a minor buying a ML but they are usually exempt from the FFL.  However some states and or city's still restrict them on how they are shipped through the mail or who can receive them. 

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minors and a ml

If i'm not mistaken , I think you have to be 18 to buy any type of weapon. Call a local gunshop and ask in your area.

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Even in California,

Even in California, muzzleloaders are exempt from most of the regulations regarding firearms.  No background check, just cash and carry.

I would imagine that there would be an age restriction. I am sure that the powder is controlled to over 18, as it is in most places, so why wouldn't the gun?

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