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Cabelas is selling

Cabelas is selling refurbished Garmin Oregon 450T units for 250 bucks right now. They come with the same warranty as a new unit. I got one and they are quite user friendly for a novice to GPS. (Me)

Definitely invest in the extra chip for the states you want to hunt. It's money we'll spent.

BTW........ Topgun 30/06 is quite right about WY region Y. The south end of Y is the best for muleys and your GPS will come in handy because the area is a patchwork quilt of mixed up public and private land and its vital to know right where you are.

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I have played in the

I have played in the mountains my whole life. never needed a gps. I was given one years ago, but never learned how to use it, only carried it in the winter to waypoint avalanche sites or be able to give coordinates if i had to call a helicopter in. I do alot of backcountry snowmobiling, alot.

Anyway i picked up a garmin oregon with the landowner sd card. I am still trying to learn this thing, but pretty cool, I was screwing around with it last week on a multi day salmon river float, and i was able to tell the river was the boundry for game units, the local landownners name, etc. Very handy for that type of stuff. AS far as backcountry navigation, i will stick with the method that has worked for me all my life.

I personally believe engineers wth gps's are very scary and should not be followed to closely in the mountains.

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