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There is no way I would pay $15,000 for antlers!

There is no way I would pay $15,000 for antlers from an animal I did not take. I guess some folks have a big ego to fill with someone elses trophy. I did get a few sets thru a bid process here in Colorado. DOW seizes several racks, hides and rug each year and they put them up for bid. If you are the highest bidder you win. We wanted some towel racks for out by our hot tub so I got them as I did not want to cut any of mine up. The comment about Jennifer, Carrie, etc was the funnies thing I have read on this forum. Thanks for the good laugh.

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They dew have nice

They dew have nice Rack's,least i think sew.... In love

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I wouldn't pay for nay

I wouldn't pay for nay either. If I didn't get them myself I really have no use for them. 

Here's another  good one, my dad had several antelope heads out side yesterday as I just showed him how to whiten them up properly. He left for an hour and when he got back home the biggest one was gone. Right out of his back yard but probably just slightly visible from the front. Fortunately he had put his bull on the roof to dry and it was still there.

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  I would have to agree - If


I would have to agree - If I had a set of antlers that big I would not sell them - period!

SGM - sounds like you have the hunters dream of a hot tub all decked out with the antler towel holders.  We'll let it stop there!

Only those without scruples or knowledge would pay $15K for a set of antlers they did not harvest themselves.


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