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Oh that just makes me sick

Oh that just makes me sick to read that about Old World Meats. It's been a few years since we've taken meat to them. We started taking some of our trimmings to them well over 30 years ago, and yes, we do take it after hunting season is over, and we generally combine our trimmings from elk and deer. We had to have a minimum amount for each type of sausage or meat stick, or they told us they would combine with someone else's meat, which we did not want.

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I haven't had them make me

I haven't had them make me any sausage or brauts for a long time and I also heard that since the kids took over that those items went downhill.  I can understand putting everyones meat together for a grind for some of their sticks but mixing the different meats would put me off.  I would even expect that the trimmings off of my elk if I had one there would be the same meat in my ground burger.  But that is the problems when you depend on somebody else to do what you are not set up to do. 

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I know many commercial

I know many commercial processors that mix all trimings from many animals before they grind burger or make sausage. The reason I do my own processing is bad experiences with commercial processors. My own burger and sausage tastes much better than anything I have ever gotten from a commercial processor. There was a processor in western Pennsyvlanio some years ago that I patronized once and thought that the ammount of meat I got back was short of what I should have gotten. Long Story short, He got busted for selling ground venison to local pizza shops as beef. He was stealing from every customer that brought deer to him to process.

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