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Butcher recomendations, 30 mins from Kent?

Well, its time, this time next week i, as well as many of you will be at our spots, waiting, hoping and anticipating.
normally i use a butcher in the Spokane area, being that is where i hunt, but this year i am venturing out and extending my season to the wet side.

Are there any recomendations for a butcher not too far from Kent?


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Perrinville Market in Edmods does game meat butchering

There is a place in Edmonds called Perrinville Market that does provide butchering and wrapping for hunters. You can check out their website at:


If you know of other hunters who are looking for a place to have their kills butcher, please send them the website.

Good luck. Big smile

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Butcher recomendations, 30 mins from Kent?

Try Dwaynes in downtown Auburn, right off 18. He does a good job. I've used him several times.

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Butcher recomendations, 30 mins from Kent?

Amazing........I did not know that the Perrinville Market "Tollefsons" was still around. I grew up above the store and I remember when it was built. I figured it would have been torn down and something bigger put in it's place.

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