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Bushnell Wins Injunction for Possible Patent Infringement

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Bushnell Wins Injunction for Possible Patent Infringement

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Re: Bushnell Wins Injunction for Possible Patent Infringement

This one of the outcomes of sending business offshore. China in particular has a robust cloning industry. They've cloned electronics and even cloned US-made cars to the point where most parts are interchangeable. Copyrights and patents mean little in Asia. When I was in Afghanistan one of the biggest businesses was DVDs. We could get movies on DVD that had just hit the theaters a couple weeks before. Some were decent copies, but some were horrid -- especially the new releases. It wasn't uncommon to be watching one of those movies and see someone walk in front of the picture -- obviously someone recorded the movie in a theater with a video camera and burned it to DVD.

I saw more fake designer purses in Korea than you could shake stick at. I've seen pirated software come back from Malaysia that even copied the labels on the box and disk so accurately you really had to look hard to spot the fake. Fake Rolexes are common in the Middle East. I've been in shops in Korea that would throw a jacket on the sewing machine and freehand a Nike swoosh on it while you waited.

What stinks is when a US company pays all the development costs for a new product, and someone in China just clones it and sells a cheaper version.

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Re: Bushnell Wins Injunction for Possible Patent Infringement

True but only in todays world, it appears that the tables have turned, that's all. I wonder what China and the Arab countries think of the western world developing on their inventions and not paying a cent in royalty over the centuries. The middle east and far east regions of the world were once the technological center of the known world. Where do you think the advanced math and science that we use today were developed? Not in Europe. I don't know about you but everytime I reload a round I sure have to be thankful to the Chinese for their invention of gun powder. Interesting thing about those fake Rolex watches is that they actually keep better time than any genuine mechanical or automatic Rolex does. Make no mistake about it, if those countries invented some new technology today I bet the western world would be the first to try and steal it so they can patent it and say it's our own accomplishment. Not disagreeing with you about patent infringement, just saying that the western world had done it's fair share of capitalizing on other cultures inventions for centuries as well.