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Bushnell Elite Laser RangeFinder

I want to say yes I am new to this forum. But I have been buying and trading with other like minded hunters for years. I have a few things I need to sell.

I did list locally and did ebay but got tired of the spamming and non paying buyers so a friend of mine recommended I give a few of the hunting forums a shots.

I am more than happy to provide you with any information aboutmyself so you know I am 100% real person and these items belong 100% to me.  I do live in the great state of Kentucky so if you live local you are more than welcome to come see view try test out.

On to what I have. This is a brand new in the box bushnell Elite Laser Rangefinder 1600 feet waterproof. I have one of these and I love them. This one I bought for my father because he liked playing with mine so much. It was to be his Christmas present this year. However my dads health has taken a drastic turn and well I do not want to insult him b giving him something he can not use. I am hoping to sell this asap in order to buy him something he can now use.

There is no need for me to hold onto it because well I already have one.

Anyone who knows about them knows 399.99 plus tax and shipping and we bought him a camo bag as he is old retired army for many years now. So I have about 475.00-500.00 in it.


I am asking 250.00 which is a super great price for this or you can make a resonable offer


Thanks guys and Merry Christmas

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