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Bushnell 6-24 x 50 OE Scope

Hi All Hunters

Greetings from Namibia / Africa , where information is on rather short supply .

Recently I have bought a good second hand Bushnell rifle scope . It is a 6-24x50 scope with illuminated red/green reticle and also has a range estimator in it .

Problem is that I don’t have any instructions how that range finder is working . What do all the lines mean ?.

I would highly appreciate it if somebody could fill me in on this .
I have searched the net and could not find any information on the scope and reticle . Neither does the Bushnell site provide any .

I will include a sketch of the reticle .

Do you perhaps have a pamphlet that you can mail me or do you know of a web site that explains the operation of there scopes ??

Living out here in Africa it is not always easy to access this site . My e mail address is . Would you please be so kind and forward your reply to this address as well as your posting on the site .

I am desperately needing your help .

Thanking you and happy hunting .


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