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Any one ever had or tried the bushnell elites with the balistic reticle. Are they any good ? I was thinking of purshasing a 4200 3x9x40 ballistic for my ne browning x-bolt 300 wsm

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I have the browning stainless stalker in 300 wsm with the elite 3200 4-12x40mm with the multi x reticle.......very nice set up!! good luck Thumbs up

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Never tried the elite series. Personally I have had horrible luck with Bushnell both in the product and customer service areas. I have heard the elite series is better than some of their scopes in the past. Just my personal experience and in all fairness it was quite a few years ago. Maybe they've changed.

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I have had many Bushnell scopes with good results, I currently have an Elite 3000 3-9 on my .243. All I will say is my 300 wby is getting a 4-16 Pentax Lightseeker. For the same money as the 4200, I feel it is a superior scope with the best warranty in the business. Optics are unbeatable for the price. Check em out, they also make a Pioneer line with high quality glass for around $200.