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Can anyone tell me if the bushnell trophy or the bushnell legend scopes are any good

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I have a Bushnell Banner 3-9x on my 25-06 thats been there about 15yrs now with no problems. This past spring I bought a 4-12x. think thats what it was, trophy. Took it back in about a week and bought a Nikon. The crosswires moved around in it and wouldn't return to zero. I may have just got a bad scope, don't know. The Legend I believe is the next step up. I have no experience with them. I thing Hammer has an old anner on his rifle too that never gives him trouble.

I don't know that I'd buy another Bushnell unless it was an Elete series. I hear lots of good about them. Enough that I might try one on reputation alone. Probably tho my next will be another Nikon. Not that I think they are any better than many others but, I have two that have worked perfectly for me and they are guarented for life. Until someone shows me something better in that price range of Nikon does something to upset me, I have no reason to change.

Just wondering why your asking about Bushnell scopes?

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I have a Banner Dawn to Dusk on my 22 mag, and I tried it on my 270 to see if it would withstand the heavier recoil, not a problem. I have had various Bushnell scopes on this & that for one reason or another and was very pleased with them.
But I havn't any experience with the Trophy or Legend models.
If you read back in This Section I seem to remember some good discussions on your particular query.

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They are ok basic scopes. Optical quality is pretty inferior to more expensive options; however they seem to hold zero.

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