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Burros in Big Bend Ranch State Park


I just wasted half of my morning after reading within the USA Today the article on Wild Burros wreaking havoc within the Big Bend Ranch State Park -http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2011-11-30/texas-burros-wild-donkeys-invasive-species/51515990/1  I always read the comments as I like to see what the readers say.  That was a mistake today.  Obviously there was some lady, Marjorie Farabee, who was commenting quite a bit spewing her side and trying to get people behind her case and push for litigation to stop the termination of these burros.  After many responses I ended telling her that she was better off getting all of her burro-loving activists together and setting up a plan that was fully funded by her donors to remove, vaccinate, and relocate these animals instead of expecting the state of Texas, the funders of the TPWD, and the taxpayers to take care of this problem.  There is too much emotion from the opposition and no facts.


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Your right with your thoughts

Your right with your thoughts but I'm sure won't get a real response. Those people don't want to be a part of contributing to a real solution just making noise. They expect everyone else to pay for the problem or let things ignorantly fall apart.

I'll be hunting just outside the Big Bend in March but I doubt I'll see any burros and I'd much rather see some aoudad anyway. Big smile

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Actually, alot of states out

Actually, alot of states out here do similar things with wild burros.  Out here in California, they have a roundup every few years, and you can buy the burros for something really cheap, like a couple bucks a head.  Had a buddy that got 3 of them a few years back.

Just her name sounds like she is some peace lover.....

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These save the burros or save

These save the burros or save the horses people need to get out into the world and see the damage that the non native animals are doing to the landscape.  A area that I deer hunt in Utah is full of wild horses and you can't go 10 yards without seeing what they leave behind after eating.  It's all over the place and it takes years to decompose.  That along with that they do to the streams where they come out of the ground but then they are not quite as bad a cattle but the come in a close second. 

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  This was my last reply to


This was my last reply to this woman who is leading a charge on the litigation... Maybe just maybe this person will see the light but I VERY MUCH doubt it!

Marjorie Farabee - Here is some fact homework for you.
#1 - Do you know exactly how many wild burros the state of Texas, the TPWD, and the Federal Govt. already protect and manage within the state of Texas?
#2 - Can you tell me also how many taxpayer dollars and TPWD funding are already going towards that management?
#3 - Can you tell me how much money your organizations put forward towards that management?
If you can tell me the answers to those three questions then I will discuss this situation more so with you. If you do not research these facts and deliver to me then we are done discussing. Right now only your emotions drive your discussions. IF you and your organizations don't want them removed then start the donation process now and buy the darn park... then continue donations because you will eventually have to feed these burros and all other animals inside of the park once the ecosystem in ruined. And then when these animals leave the park and start destroying the local residentual areas you will need a very good money pool to pay off the lawsuits. All you want is somebody to pay the price so your emotions on 300 (now 172 burros) can be saved and stay in this park. Do the research and then come back to me. Otherwise I am not listening to you nor reading your comments.

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I responded to your USA questions

Mark Cromika I was in a huge hurry to meet with my farrier when I saw your post yesterday (We have 140 donkeys, mules and horses) and could not respond appropriately to your post at that time. Mark, the fact is that we have been asking for the numbers and finances of the TPWD management of burros through FOIA for some time. We are being presently stonewalled. There is a reason for their desire to keep financials secret, I am sure. We have uncovered past wrong doing and misappropriation of funds from TPWD, and fully expect to discover the same concerning the bighorn releases.http://www.peer.org/news/clips.php  1) We do not know how many wild burros are managed in the park. The Chihuahua region is the only place wild burros are still found, but since no studies have been conducted, there are no numbers. We fear that the numbers are extremely low, thus cutting out this very important member of the ecosystem from doing its part in rebuilding the soils and increasing fauna, thus playing a part in staving off desertification due to catastrophic climate change. They fill a much needed niche, and hopefully we will stop the slaughter and/or removal of these important members of this globally recognized ecosystem before it is too late. 2) Again, it is hard to answer this question because none of it is directed toward burros. Although again on the Circle ranch site numbers are discussed in the millions for gunning down aoudad. The burros are NEVER mentioned specifically in management plans. There was a roundup attempt made which is actually mentioned in this article that cost 80 man hours. They stated that they did not capture any, but our FOIA docs showed that in fact, they did capture a jenny and her foal. Rather than offer them up for adoption they shot them both and paid $5 each to put them in the Presideo dump. Again, FOIA requests have been made and are not forthcoming. We have an attorney looking into that now. 3.) We have not put forth money to managing burros in the park, as we have not been allowed to do so. We offered to fund studies, mitigate discovered problems etc etc, but were denied that opportunity by TPWD. We still stand by this offer, and have some very well recognized organizations standing behind us. As for Wild Burro Protection League, we are all volunteers who care about our environment, and who feel the burro is being cast unfairly in a negative light based on bias by trophy hunters who don't want them alerting the sheep to their presence.

P.S.  I might add to all of you hunters, the TPWD has slated for complete eradication, the elk, auodad, hog, and burro.  They also intend to snare and shoot all bobcat and cougar within reach of the bighorn habitat.  All of this without conducting a single study.  The fact is this is the recipe for ecosystem collapse, yet you state your love of the outdoors.  Soon, the desertification will accelerate and the system will collapse, meaning even the bighorn will not make it.  

Painting my responses to you as emotional was quite disengenuous Mark, so I felt I needed to respond.  Hopefully, you all care about the environment and the other species enough to investigate my claims.  We have not asked any of you to sacrifice one single thing, yet you are asking hundreds of thousands of people who recognize the burro as an icon of our pioneering spirit to just allow them to be destroyed based on opinion.  Remember, not one study has been conducted.  Not one.  Enjoy the elk before they are gone.  Perhaps then you will see the light.

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As I'm sure you know, people like her are driven by emotion. I suspect your conversation with her is over and you will be much enlightened for that.

If not, you will at least be less stressed.


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