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bullets/deer hunting

to:fishduckdog,hi,name is ken.try this if you will.I have a Knight lk93/20yrs old.i:28twist24in.bbl.I use 100gr.triple7loose powder(faster than pellets/burns completely)TC XTP bullets(240gr.JHP in MagExpressSabots)1923fps/muzzle 1793ft.lbs./muzzle.100yds is 1419fps,1247ft.lbs.I sight-in@3in.high@50yd.bench,impact is 1+@100yds.,-2"@ 150yds.I have cleanly_thru&thru killed deer@156 measured yds.I have used this load for5yrs.and killed17 deer,fact not brag,and refuse to change after extensive testing

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Bullet and powder combinations

I have found that two 50 grain pyrodex pellet loads are more accurate than three in my Knight .50 cal. rifles. As far as bullets go, I prefer the heaviest bullet my 1 in 28 twist will stabilize.

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