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Bullet selection

I'm using a 180gr. failsafe bullet out of a 300win mag.to hunt Elk in Colorado this year, had great luck in with this bullet in New Mexico last year. But I see Winchester came out with an Xp3 bonbed bullet this year any pros or cons on these two bullets.

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Bullet selection

from what i have read and understand , winchester is going to stop making the failsafe and is replacing it with the xp3 . both bullets are good . have used the failsafe in my gun for years but switched to the winchester accubond last year and have had good results with it .

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Bullet selection

I haven't used the winchester brands. I shoot my own reloads with a 180GR nosler partition out of my 300 win encore. They work awesome.

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Bullet selection

The fail safe is a fancy and effective bullet jointly developed by nosler and olin (winchester). It has properties of a nosler accubond (w/o a blastic tip) and a nosler partition with a steel cup. I really don't see a down side other than the cost, other than perhaps if you don't like the moly coat....

Its a proven design I'd just stick with that personally.

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