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Bullet for Rem 280 for Africa

I am going to Africa to shoot a variety of antelope including a Kudu. I am bring my Rem 280. I'm currently shooting the Remington 140 gr. ballistic tips. They are ok but I find that they go right trough whitetails without much expansion. I want to try another bullet. Currently on the market is the following options:
140gr. Fail Safe Talons. (Winchesters) or Sierra Pro Hunter (Federals).
150gr. High Shock soft points (Winchecters) or Nosler Partitions (Federals).
160gr. Trophy BBC (Federals).
Any thoughts on bullet type? Should I go up to a higher grain bullet?

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Bullet for Rem 280 for Africa

140 and 150 should work fine for antelope, I figure they're probably a deer-sized animal, maybe a bit smaller. Core-Lokt has always been reliable. Hornady ammo is good all the way.

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Bullet for Rem 280 for Africa

Kudu can get kinda big, can't they? Up to 600+ pounds? If I were going, I'd take the Federal 150 gr Partition or the 160 Bear Claw. Both are designed to handle heavier beasts and also perform well on deer-sized game. My personal choice would be the Partition. If nothing's over 300 lbs., then anything you mentioned will work. The Pro-Hunter and Hi-Shok work great on deer, and would save you some money.

So many guns, so little money.

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Bullet for Rem 280 for Africa

Nosler partitions get my vote. The bullet weights need to be increased from 140 to 150 or 160 if you are going for game weighing more than 200#.

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Bullet for Rem 280 for Africa

I've read greater kudu will go anywhere from 300-700 pounds. Lesser kudu are a lot small (deer sized).

That puts the bigger ones firmly in wapiti weight range.....

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