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Bullet proof vest?

are bullet proof vest legal in the us. im 18 and i want to buy one. im a legal to have one? and how much wil i cost! im looking for one like the one 50 cent the raper gots. cheap one


Kevlar Vest

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I don't even know how to

I don't even know how to respond to this...... Was going to delete it, expecting it to be spam, but tere are no links.


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Legal Advice

Sounds like someone that is looking for free legal advice on the 'net.

They bit off more than they can chew and run with a sketchy crowd. Instead of parting ways they are trying to have their cake and eat it too and are afraid to jettison what they think are friends. Friends are few and far between and if they live long enough they will discover what I mean.

Each state will have their own laws regarding bullet resistant vest. It's best to consult a legal expert in your area to get an answer pertaining to such things.

OK, back to my Saturday morning cartoons.

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