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bullet energy on game

given elk are say 650 lbs or so just what kind of energy is needed to put one of these animals down.i hear about the 1500 foot lbs that some people say is needed and hear thats b s from others.i like the 7 mm mags and the 300 mags .have onwed seveal and still do.i am leaning towards the theroy that a mk sierra can kill a elk from what i see on other forums.
any help on this would be uesful to me.
thanks for a great forum that has been very useful.
gary b.

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bullet energy on game

Don't get too fixated on energy numbers. They are but one part of the equation.

Having said that, 1500 ft. lbs. is probably a good number. You could certainly get by with less if you are willing to wait for a good shot. Plenty of elk are taken with both 7mm mags and .300 mags every year. Plenty are also taken with "lesser" cartridges like .270, .280, .308, and .30-06.

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bullet energy on game

Just like with any big game, shot placement is far more important than caliber, foot pounds, etc. My 270 with 140 grain bullets has never let me down on elk, or moose either for that fact. My wife used her 25-06 on her elk and it dropped on the spot. Your 7mag is an excellent choice for elk.


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