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Bullet for Bear

hope to go out for bear this year!
I have a Knight inline that I havnt shot in almost 15 years.
figured I would get out and shoot some round balls to get back in the groove of shooting and loading.
But I need to figure out what Bullet I want to use for sighting in and hunting.
Was looking at standard powerbelts, PowerBelt Platinum, Hornady FPB, or would I be better off with a Maxi-ball?
Our bears are not huge here but I want something that will penatrate well and hold together but still looking for accuracy to 100yards?

Any help would be great!!

Thanks TIM

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Re: Bullet for Bear

Would go with the boattail polymer tip 290 gr. E_Z Load sabot from Barne or Knight #900595

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Re: Bullet for Bear

I took a Bear last year at 75 yards with my White Lightning, 75gr T7 fffg under a 510 grain lead conical. I hit him broad side behind the shoulder out the opposite shoulder he never took a step. This load also will shoot at 1 1/2" at 100 yards.

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