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Elk 5B South

Yes I know; "its not rocket science". I have a job in Idaho and have been here since end of May and with gas what it is I cannot drive 3000 mile round trip for a weekend scouting. Was looking for some specific input so when I head out from here on Sept 7 I will have some idea of where to go. As for real vs. road hunter. Just guessing at your age I would expect that I have more miles on by boots than you have on your tires. Almost 70 and took up archery 15 years ago because gunning was to easy but I still love the chase and the outdoors. Thanks for the help. PS. There are no roads where this guy came from.

Ryan Byman wrote:
In comment to the first topic, youve hunted 6a before, if you study maps and such all you gotta do is follow your gut instinct as to where the elk would be it will be the same as 6a except you are one unit over.....its not rocket science!

elkhunter92: what time of the year are you hunting? are you hunting bull or cow? I know a place where youre hunting that you are guaranteed Yes to see cows and possibly a bull or two. How familiar are you with the area, It would be a waste to try explain it before knowing how well you know the area. Let me know.....

For either of you....Are you real hunters or road hunters? If your road hunters then Im wasting my "breath" here Talk to the Hand . If you're the type who actually HUNTS then im more than happy to share info. Thumbs up

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5b south is a great unit

I've hunted it for years and downed a 346 bull two years ago by archery. I would normally hunt of lake mary road mile marker 303. Go west in about 3 miles and take your pick. A great water hole back in a ways is two jims. Good luck. The unit has nice bull numbers, hot for the weather to cool, sometimes the rut starts late becuase of the heat.

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