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Buffalo hunt wanted

I am going to WY in a few days from California and I was hoping to do a quick buffalo hunt on the way back.  Does anyone know of a affordable buffalo hunt in WY or Idaho or Utah?


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I wouldn't call what the

I wouldn't call what the ranches that sell these buffalo shoots a hunt but a shoot.  I watched a video of one in Utah by Oak City.  They haul the buffalo out in a trailer turn it loose and then let you shoot it.  If it was me I would tell them to just kill it in the corral and then butcher it.  Less wasted meat that way. 

If you are interested in one of these so called hunts just google Name of state buffalo hunt and you will find what you might want. 

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I watched a show last year about buffalo hunts, it was a ranch in either SD or ND, there were heards of them, it looked to be pretty much free range, but i am sure the ranch was fenced.
you should be able to google it and find it.


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Ask Benny Spies

Benny did a buffalo hunt last year in SD on a ranch.  Shot the critter and they hauled it back to the farm using a bale fork on the front of the tractor.  Of course the show is as much comedy as it is hunting and the buffalo hunt was kind of a joke too.  

I suppose there really aren't too many places where you could find free range buffalo to hunt so if you really want to hunt them you'll have to make some significant compromises.

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