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Buffalo from Custer State Park

Free ranging!!

IMG_1436.JPG2.37 MB
IMG_1437.JPG1.58 MB
IMG_1441.JPG3.8 MB
IMG_1434.JPG3.97 MB
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Boy, that first one looks a

Boy, that first one looks a little P'd off.... lol

Nice photos!  Buffalo, bison, whatever you want to call them, are fun to watch.  We have one of the most genetically pure herd out here in California on Camp Pendleton.  So much so, that some have talked about plucking a few out of the herd to repopulate some other areas of the west.

They are really taken care of too.  They will wander around the rifle ranges, adn all shooting must cease immediately.  You can't harrass them in any way.  They actually come up and use our reloading tables as rubs.  We'll find clumps of hair hanging from them, and they lay some of their own "land mines"...Wink

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They are free ranging but

They are free ranging but inside the park and will let you snap picture after picture of them.  Now if you want to see a true wild bison that will usually run the first time that he sees you and some of the largest mule deer bucks in the western US I can give you a location.  Not only are they free ranging but you can put in for a draw to hunt them.

The one in my avatar was such an animal.  His only problem was that he didn't make it through the hunt 3 months after I took his picture.  That along with having a busted horn from fighting a month before.     

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