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Buffalo in AZ

I was thinking about starting to put in for the AZ bull buffalo draw. I know my chances are slim but could any one tell me about both of the hunts at Raymond Ranch and House Rock?

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i read an article in a

i read an article in a hunting magazine about one of the house rock hunts. it said it was tough (i think he waited for more than 5 years for a tag). i do remember the guy hunted and scouted for weeks. i'm not sure if he was being choosy or haviung trouble locating them. but in the end, he saw a dust cloud stirred up by two bulls fighting in a brush filled wash-out.

he pulled to a relatively high spot and stood on his truck to get a good spot on the bulls.

he did get one, and said that extracting it was very difficult.

having shot a bison myself (a 900 pound cow) i can say that even the smaller ones will take half or most of a day to cut up. if you had two people, and both knew what you're doing, it might be a little faster.

good luck on that tag! shooting a bison is a great experience.

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