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Budget of $2000 for rifle.

In this budget what is the nicest rifle I could get? Stock, trigger and accuracy. I am thinking of the Kinber Super America. I will probably choose the .308 for mostly deer &elk

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Budget of $2000 for rifle.

theres alot of choices that are available to you in that price range...its gonna be basically personal preference my friend....good luck Thumbs up

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Budget of $2000 for rifle.

Are you talking just rifle or the optics as well?

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Budget of $2000 for rifle.

Find a mauser or pre 64 winchester action and go with something other than the 308. Spice it up a little and turn it into a 338 federal. I love mine and think it's got the extra bit of punch over the 308 that makes it more efficient for elk, bear, or hogs (excellent for both mule and white tail as well). If you don't handload though, go with the 308 or an -06. You can always rebarrel in the future if you want something with a little more kick. Evil!

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