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BuckMaster bow for sale

I have a "BuckMaster" bow that my wife bought me roughly five years ago. Long story short, I got injuried a week after getting bow, have never hunted with it. Only has been fired roughly a handfull of times. It has optic sites, airrow rests and a quiver with 6 "Easton Gamegetter" alumimuim shaft airrows, 3 camo, 3 od green. Airrows are 2117 with 100grain "bullet head" screw in tips. Bow has an 30" draw length with an 85lb draw wieght.

Asking $350 or trade for a 357 mag hunting pistol.

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BuckMaster bow for sale

I'm interested, but i have to talk to my wife first, she has been getting on me about all the new hunting stuff i've bought in the past few months, I'll get back to you