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Bucket List, Round Two.... Rocky Mt. Oysters
OK, for those who remember reading the "Bucket List" about a girl wanting to eat snake, here's the next installment.  I sub in the local high school in the small town I live in, right on the Canadian border.  While eating the rattlesnake, I asked her if she had ever tried rocky mountian oysters and if she would like to.  When Kayla Adams said she would like to try them, I decided to make the experience a bit bigger.  I was subbing for the same teacher a week or so later, so it was a perfect setup.  He has a large shop area behind his classroom which makes for a great setup to cook.
Let me tell ya how it all went down.  I had two 2-burner stoves set up.  One had a large griddle that covered both burners and the other had a large frying pan on each burner.  I had lots of cooking space.  I started with a couple of pounds of elk burger.    I made about 20 three-inch burger patties and covered the girddle.  Sprinkled Johnny's seasoning (the best seasoning you can find, just ask Groovy Mike)  on them and let em cook.  In the meantime, I had already cut up and pounded some venison steaks.  I dipped them in flour, then in egg and finally in bread crumbs and panko.  Slipped them into some hot grease in a skillet and let them fry golden brown.  Then I did the exact same thing with the little oinker steaks from a wild boar I had shot in Mississippi.  
We took things off in batches and there were kids waiting for each batch to come off.  I took enough paper plates that each kid got one.  No silverware... just your fingers.  And finally, I had the sheep testicles all cleaned up and devoid of membrane.  They were beautiful little orbs.  I waited to cut them up so the kids could see what they were going to eat.  I then sliced them into 1/4 inch slices, dipped them in flour, then egg and finally into the crumbs.  I slid them into the frying pan and let em get crisp and brown.
The kids devoured them and asked for more.  One kid that had eaten oysters before said they were the best he has ever eaten.  Kayla and Rachel loved them and asked for more.  I would say it was a fairly successful event.  We had three or four steaks left over from all the venison and pork and I sent them down to the principal's office.  Got a call telling me how good they were.  Here are some pictures....  and thank you Kayla Adams for setting this whole thing in motion.
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They are going to have to

They are going to have to pull you out of the substitute teacher role and put you into the cafeteria if you keep this up.  And it is great that you got those students to try something that they possibly would never be able to experience if you were not willing to do it for them.  There are way too many teenagers and even parents that if you can't pull it out of the freezer and put it into the micro wave oven then they would starve.   

It is always interesting when you get someone to try something out of the ordinary of what they are used to eating.  I have always told people that I will try anything once and possibly twice but then it will depend on weather I liked it or not.  I do know that after reading a few survival books years ago I would always try what ever I would find out in the wilds while hunting, fishing, or if I was just out in the boonies.  Since that time some people think that I am crazy when I tell them some of the things that I have ate. 

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Good job with the kids and a

Good job with the kids and a great follow up to the snake meal the first time around. I have to admit I have yet to try the oysters myself. One of these days I'm sure but not something I think about when I'm planning my processing chores.lol

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Man, I have to go back to

Man, I have to go back to high school and get myself into one of your classes.  Well, except for the Rocky Mountain Oysters, that is... :wink:  Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves, and it's not hard to understand why.  I really like what you are doing.  Baby steps, but you just may turn one or two of them to hunters or outdoorsmen/women.  Very cool, and also very unselfish!

Keep us updated on the next couple of times you substitute.  Should be interesting to see you top this one.

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Hey CVmonster, sometime I'll tell ya about the class I designed for high school students.  I called the class "Mountainman" and there was a waiting list to get in.  You won't believe all the things we did.  And I got away with it..... called it a history class.  The principal loved all the things I did with kids.  Lots of them were at-risk students and this hands on type of learning was exactly what they needed.  I actually had people ask if they could enroll their kids in my class even though they went to another school.  Ask me sometime and I'll tell ya all about it.

Yes, our day last Friday was a blast.  I was so excited to see all the kids try the different meat.  Even the kid that wouldn't try rattlesnake was there eating.  He told me his stomach couldn't handle lots of things, but he was there eating elk, venison and piggy.  I don't think he tried the oysters, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere.  The teacher of the class told me the kids don't want him to come back... :)  He's a good friend and loves having me do things in his class.  The class is how to care for a car and maybe sometime I'll show the kids how we used to put a sausage mc-muffin in foil and heat it up on the manifold as we drove down the road..... but oh how cars have changed since then.

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There is really something

There is really something wrong with kids today! Crimany, what won't they eat?

Had a funny deal unfold years ago. I was working selling memberships to a sportsmen's club out of Denver. Was at these peoples home with another salesman from back east somewhere. The folks offered up some oysters and he took one and ate it. He said he didn't understand why people were so turned off about them. The husband said some people just can't get used to the idea of eating bull's balls! That other salesman started up chucking all over their living room. Wasn't really all that funny. The wife was really upset but the husband and I laughed out butt's off. The more we laughed the madder the wife got! Now that guy from back east know's what a Rocky Mt Oyster is, he's had enought too!

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  That is fantastic


That is fantastic Arrowflipper!  What you did with those kids will be a memory that will last for them - some for a lifetime.  Your "Mountainman" program sounds very interesting - you probably should register it or copyright it and sell the program as based on what you accomplished with this food exercise with the kids I'm certain the Mountainman program is just as unique and inspiring and would be a great tool for others to follow.  Great pics too!


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I am impressed by your unselfish dedication and willingness to work with these kids.

In my line of work I view kids as "future inmates" sad to say. I would be willing to bet that you are responsible for turning a kid or three around and have been a positive influence on a few. Sometimes it's one person that connects with and turns a kid around and starts them down a better path in life.

You are showing these kids more about the world, and how to get by in it, at a time when many are overwhelmed by the world. Maybe we will have a future hunter or huntress in your group of kids. If not we at least have some that are exposed to the benefits of hunting and that may well be a consideration in future years as these kids get older and vote.

I've eaten a lot of bovine oysters and it's a favorite of mine. Now you've made me hungry and I need breakfast. I wish I had some oysters but I don't.


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Thanks Biker!  I appreciate the kind words.  My philosophy of teaching over the years has been to connect with kids on a personal level.  I believe that when they like you, they will learn.  And vis-versa.  I don't know if I could or would do this today, but many years ago, I actually took some of my 6th grade students out hunting with me.  I had an 11th grade girl ask me last week if I would take her out hunting.  I told her I'd love to do that but in these times, it just would not work.  Someone might accuse me of something. 

I took one of the senior boys in the class out hunting two weeks ago.  He's coming over to my house today or tomorrow to grind up some venison in my grinder. 

By the way, are you a "biker"? 

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