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Buck Down - 7 point

Hey guys just wanted to share a few pics of my buck I took hunting public land in Wisconsin on Nov 5th @ 5:20PM.  He presented a nice 20 yd shot and only went about 60 yds.  He is a 7 point with 15" spread.  Two of my other hunting partners had this bad boy come into bow range the day before but he busted both of them even before they could draw.  I was lucky enough to harvest him and it was a great hunt!  Hope everyone is having a great season!

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Boy, that's a heck of a

Boy, that's a heck of a buck!  Either going to Wisconsin, or staying home around Pittsburgh, you have some great whitetail hunting available to you.  Been some great deer come from around there in Pennsylvania too the last couple of years.

Congrats on a fine buck!  I'd take that guy in a heartbeat!

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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great buck!! Wisconsin was the only place I ever got to hunt whitetail deer when I was a kid but never managed to get a buck back then. I grew up in norther Wisconsin and know just how tough a public land hunt can be. Archery wasn't quite so bad but rifle season was down right scary to be out there!

Anyway congratulations again on a fine buck to be proud of.