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Buck Down

My buddy caught a rack going threw the timber yesterday morning and hit the grunt tube and called in this buck. Not the biggest buck he saw but it is his biggest. Looks like Kansas is getting started.

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That's a beauty of a buck. 

That's a beauty of a buck.  Nice mass, and I like the darker color to it.  Good to see they are moving out there.  I know you have been waiting for it.  Hope you and your daughter get one down!

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Very nice looking buck!!!!!

Very nice looking buck!!!!! Congrats to your buddy!!!!!

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Nice buck...:thumbsup1: 

Nice buck...:thumbsup1:  Congrats to your friend.  Get's me thinking about my hunt tomorrow morning.  I've got a lunch packed and I am planning on spending the entire day in the tree.  Cam pics show the deer coming in the afternoon, but I don't have a time stamp so I have to just be thre and hope they come in before dark.

People think all KS bucks are huge, but htat isn't the case.  What is the case is that there are some really big bucks here.  I am fortunate to live in this state.

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Kool bean's...Congrat's!....Look's like he's go'n on wall...

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Nice looking buck. It does

Nice looking buck. It does not really matter that he saw bigger deer if that is his biggest one to date. I guess it doesn't really matter if he saw bigger deer and the one that he took was not his best either. The only thing that matters is that he is happy with it and I don't see why he wouldn't be. The only thing that sucks about it is that he is done now. Good luck to the rest of you guys. It sounds like the rut is starting to kick into gear in accross the country so I am expecting even more pictures of you guys with your bucks soon.

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