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Bruce & Cheryl's backyard bullet test #1

Here's the results from today. 30-30 shot through 4 water filled milkjugs into a box full of newspaper. 450Marlin through 6 into the newspaper box.

In the picture, from left to right.
Sierra 150gr RN, load: 23.5gr IMR 4198, Weight retention 59.6%, Expansion 202%. To be fair to the Sierra, it caught air between two of the milkjugs so we'll give it another try next time.

Middle: Hornady 150gr RN Interlock, load: 28gr IMR 4198, Weight retention 83%, Expansion 203%

Right: Hawk 400gr FP, load: 40gr IMR 4198, Weight retention 97.75%, Expansion 218.6%

Rifles used: Cheryl's CIL(savage 340) bolt 30-30, Browning BLR 450 Marlin.
Range for tests 50 yds.

In the second pic Cheryl's shooting from 110 yds. In the far backround you can see my 450yd target against the dugout hill.
We ran out of milkjugs, and tried the Sierra's from 110 yds, went right through the box with newspaper. Same for 450 loads using 300gr Sierra HP's and Hornady 350gr FP's.
Next time.

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Bruce & Cheryl's backyard bullet test #1

That sure looks like fun.

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